Evolve Yoga – Yin Yoga Immersion (30hr Teacher Training)

Yin Yoga Immersion
Feb 6th, 7th, 13th & 14th

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This immersion has been designed to give you a overview of the practise of Yin Yoga. It has been developed primarily from the lineage of Paul Grilley, but incorporates elements from yogi’s such as Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers and Paulie Zinc. There is also a strong influence from many non yogic sources for the mechanics and science behind the practise of Yin Yoga, modern masters of anatomy and physiology, as well as the trailblazers of the research into how the many elements of the yoga practise converge to create a cohesive whole.

While parts of this immersion are directed towards people who are already certified yoga teachers, the knowledge, methods, tools and resources we will be exploring are for everyone. Whether your interest is just for your own understanding, or you intend to apply what you learn to your current teaching, everyone is welcome!

This 30 hour immersion will be broken down into many elements, here is a breakdown of the majority of what we will be focusing on.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Fascia and Myofascial Planes- what it is, what it does, and why we want to know
  • Nervous System – how does the practise effect our nervous system
  • Biomechanics – how and why our bodies work the way they do
  • Skeletal Systems – how our proportions, physical history, body composition effect us
  • Function vs Form – how do we know the difference
  • Yin Anatomy of the body – the major joints and bone structures we are interested in
  • Hands on – a visceral response, to feel tension or compression, contraction or relaxation, tactile feedback
  • Why – the most important question of them all, why… for all of it! Why!

Yogic Philosophy and Physiology

  • Traditional Philosophy – The Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Tao and Zen traditions
  • Modern Psychology – how it ties to the Yin practise and traditional philosophies
  • Prana, Qi, Meridians, Nadis, Dan Tien’s and Chakras – how they relate to each other, and to Yin
  • Yin and Meditation – how and why this is a key part of the practise
  • Yin and Yang – the balance, the equilibrium we try to develop

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • What is TCM
  • Modern Meridian Theory – how the modern understanding of Meridians ties into TCM
  • Meridian Lines – what they are and where they are, and what they effect
  • Yin and TCM – how the practise of Yin ties into meridian lines

Theory and Practise of Yin Yoga

  • What is Yin Yoga – where does it come from, how does it work
  • How do you Yin!  – the theory and mechanics behind why it works
  • Categories of Poses – rather than giving a set of poses, categories based on what they do
  • Modifications? – What to modify and why, how to use props to create support or deepen a pose
  • Teaching Yin – different effective methods of sequencing, themeing and delivering a class

Practise Lab Experience

  • Led practise – exploration of the concepts we have been exploring
  • Explore the Pose – in depth exploration of categories of pose
  • Sequence exploration – the experience of different types of sequence, how they feel and what impact they have
  • Movement analysis and tests – recognise differences in structure and how they will effect the practise
  • Experience – get some practise in how to guide someone in the practise of Yin

About Bryce

Bryce has been practising and teaching Yin Yoga since 2009, and has over 1,000 hours of Yoga specific training completed, with nearly half again of training that is related to the practise and teaching of Yoga. Since beginning teaching Yoga in 2009 over 10,000 hours of teaching has been completed, between regular classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

  • Yin Specific – Formal Yin training with Duncan Peak, Joe Barnett, Zac Mathieson
  • Power Living 500hr Teacher Training
  • H&H Diploma in Yoga Teaching
  • Other Formal Yoga Training – Nikki Knoff, Zenergy Kids Yoga, Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga Institute
  • Anatomy, physiology and movement training – Duncan Peak, Leslie Kaminoff, Simon Borg Olivier, Ray Long, Kit Laughlin, Ido Portal
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (waiting for a final certificate for E-RYT 500 certification)
  • Yoga Australia Senior Teacher (Level 3) – not a member, qualified with the certification
  • Almost 40 years of life experience… (experience usually being the result of making the wrong choices….)

This immersion will not qualify you to teach Yin yoga by itself. It is a addition to your current teaching qualifications. If you are a qualified teacher, this will give you the knowledge and tool sets required to be able to confidently guide people through their Yin practise.

At the completion of the immersion you will receive a 30 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate, as well as a letter of completion detailing what subjects have been covered.
These can be used for Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia.


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